XCMG XZJ5222JQZ16K Service Manual

XCMG XZJ5222JQZ16K Service Manual

This Manual provides the technical information about the performance, structure, operation, XCMG XZ16K service and tuning for XZ65K “XCMG” self-propelled crane chassis branded series for drivers and workers, for maintenance and reading, and for managers and technicians as a reference. It is strictly permitted to operate and maintain the vehicle in accordance with the requirements specified in this manual, thus ensuring the life useful self-propelled crane.

The manual is applicable to the chassis below:

  1. XCMG XZJ5222JQZ16K
  2. XCMG XZJ5284JQZ25K
  3. XCMG XZJ5310JQZ25K
  4. XCMG XZJ5324JQZ30K
  5. XCMG XZJ5326JQZ30K
  6. XCMG XZJ5322JQZ35K
  7. XCMG XZJ5371JQZ35K
  8. XCMG XZJ5401JQZ40K
  9. XCMG XZJ5402JQZ40K
  10. XCMG XZJ5393JQZ50K
  11. XCMG XZJ5407JQZ50K
  12. XCMG XZJ5414JQZ60K
  13. XCMG XZJ5410JQZ65K
  14. XCMG XZJ5430JQZ70K

Due to product improvement and modification, which described in this manual may vary from the actual chassis, we reserve the right to modify the design without notification.

Our thanks for the comments and suggestions to our product. If there is parts of these instructions or individual chapters that you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask the sales department or the technical center of our company.


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