XCMG Hydraulic Excavator XE230, XE250C

XCMG Hydraulic Excavator XE230, XE250C
XCMG Hydraulic Excavator XE230

It is our great honor that you apply the hydraulic excavator XE230/XE250C from XCMG. Before carrying out the operation, maintenance and repair, read carefully these teaching materials, put them into practice and pay attention in the warnings. On the contrary, it will result in injury and wear of the machine. As for the machines with normal devices, when using them the altitude above sea level will not exceed 2,000 meters and the temperature will be between -15oC and 40oC.

If you need to use them in conditions other than those mentioned above or modify them, contact our company please. This manual is a very important part of the kit, as they are provides information on the safety, operation and maintenance. It will help them to use and maintain correctly and XCMG equipment stably. When you sell the machine, attach this manual with her.

Please write down all the numbers correctly for future maintenance. In addition, your dealer also needs this information. If this manual is placed in the computer, put the part of the number out of the machine to file, so it can find the machine in case you lose it.

The numbers shown in this group are unique identification numbers (number of series) of each machine and each hydraulic component, fill in these numbers in the place so that they can be removed if necessary.

Due to product design progress and differences in demand for client devices, the content, the specification, the diagram among others are will change at any time. These modifications will affect the maintenance of the machine. The use of the diagrams in this manual is to directly describe the parts of the machine. There may be difference comparing with the actual machine. XCMG Company reserves the right to change all data, diagrams and manual specifications without the need to tell anyone.


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