XCMG XE210C Hydraulic Excavator Operating Maintenance Manual

XCMG XE210C Hydraulic Excavator Operating Maintenance Manual
XCMG XE210C Hydraulic Excavator

Welcome you to use our XCMG XE210C hydraulic excavators. Before operating, maintaining and repairing these equipments, please read carefully and master this manual, and learn how to correctly operate, maintain and repair your machines while paying more attention to related safety warning. Otherwise, there will be the injury on person and damage on machines.

A standard machine is applicable in the working temperature between - 15°C~ 40°C, the altitude is below 2,000 meters. If you need to use in other conditions except the above one, or modify the machine, please contact with our company for confirmation.

This manual is the major component of the equipment, which provides the operator with necessary information on safety, operation and maintenance. It can also help the operator use and maintain purchased Xugong equipment properly and safely. While selling the machine, this manual is sure to be attached. Before operating, maintaining and repairing these equipments, make sure to read carefully and have a good command of what is in this book, especially those safety-concerned regulations, and try to operate according to the requirement.

The following content is included in this book:

  • operation
  • lubrication, maintenance and repair
  • transportation, storage and protection
  • specification of technology

Working suit and the protection articles for the operators

  • Do not wear loose clothes and jewelries which are dangerous to be caught on the operating levers or other protruding parts.
  • If the hair is too long and extends outside the safety hamlets, it is dangerous to wind into the machine, so it is necessary to tie the hair before operation.
  • Wear the safety hamlet and safety shoes always. When operating and maintaining the machine, wear the safety glasses if necessary.
  • Check the functions of all of the protection devices for normality.

Machine Number:
Please record all numbers correctly for future maintenance. In addition, your distributors also need this information. If this manual is on the machine, please put the part of the machine numbers in the safe places except the machine for filing in order to search the machine after missing. The numbers listed in this group are the unique identification numbers (serial numbers) for each machine and the hydraulic parts; please fill these identification numbers in the corresponding places for quick putting forward when required.

Installation for the accessories

  • When installing the optional parts or accessories, please contact the Xugong excavator distributor in advance.
  • Any injuries, accidents or product faults caused by using the accessories or parts without approval from Xugong Excavator Mechanical Co., Ltd. will be unrelated with this company.
  • When installing and using the accessories, combine the operating accessories according to the instruction manual about the accessories and the general instruction about the accessories in this manual.

Due to the different types or combinations for the working device, there is the risk that the working device crashes with the driver’ cab or other parts of the machine. Before using the unfamiliar working device, check whether there is the risk to influence each other and operate carefully.