XCMG Wheel Loader LW188 Service Manual

XCMG Wheel Loader LW188 Service Manual
XCMG Wheel Loader LW188

XCMG LW188 wheel loader is a series product of mining loader machinery, first made by XCMG in the field of small construction machinery used in mines, is an efficient, beautiful, safe and reliable new generation product, with power of diesel engine, hydraulic mechanical transmission, four wheel drive, a transport product no rail for use in coal mines.

LW188 is mainly used in loading, coal cleaning, waste cleaning and disposal of gangue in coal mines with tunnel slope not greater than 25°. has a structure compact, easy operation, minimum turning radius, high slope capacity, minimum pollution, high efficiency and other characteristics. It is a construction machinery multi-use and high efficiency.

This machine has the following features:

  1. Articulated chassis is adopted, which allows small turning radius, flexible, easy to operate on narrow places.
  2. The working mechanism has the function of automatic bucket leveling, with design computer optimized to make its structure more reasonable, with a large strength of excavation and short circulating time of operation, the operating efficiency is higher.
  3. Hydraulic mechanical transmission is adopted. Make the most of the power of the engine, increases the torque so that the machine has a large pulling force, and it can also adapt to external resistance changes to automatically realize continuous change, In addition to improving the efficiency of the motor, also prolong the service life of the parts of transmission and engine.
  4. Load sensing hydraulic steering, power shift, hydraulic control in the working mechanism.
  5. Wide base low pressure off-road tires are used, rear axle can be swung around the center, so it has good off-road performance and perfect passability, Applicable to marching or operating on the rough roads.

How to use and control the vehicle?
The new vehicle can leave the factory only when it has undergone serious inspection and exam march. However, when the user starts to use it, he must do a running-in of 8-10 hours, run from no load, increase the load step by step. The no-load running action and hard-working driving mechanism let each worn part is concerted, in this way it can Let the vehicle reach working condition smoothly and lengthen the life of the machine.

Cargo operations (transport mode)
About the job of pouring sand, rock, ore etc into tractor, van, container, you should choose way of great efficiency. You should choose play way to move, according to scene condition, mainly har way to move. collaborative work between loader and transport vehicle, and way of moving work that only uses wheel loader to get the job done.


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