Weichai WD 10 Service Manual

Weichai WD 10 Service Manual
Weichai WD 10 Repair Manual

WD615C series diesel engine derived from WD615/WD10 engine possesses the world level of the 1990s. WD615C series diesel engine has the advantages of WD615A/VD10 engine, and is suited to the matching requirements of different ships. In thie "Operation and maintenance manual for WD615C series diesel engine", the main performance data and structure features of WD61561C (1800r/min 2100r/min) series diesel engines engines are introduced.

Rating of power
The rated power of the engine refers to the power delivered at rated speed and standard ambient conditions(atmospheric pressures 100kPa ambient temp:25'C relative humidity:30% exhaust back pressures 3.3kPa without seawater pump generator running idly).

Notice to repairing and replacing parts
WD615/WD10 series diesel engine is of high performance product. Maintenance should be done in accordance with WD615/WD10 series diesel engine parts catalogue and specifications of maintenance manual. Purchased parts must have approved by us in order to ensure performance, reliability and service life.

Reasonable,affective and protective measures must be taken for mobile parts such as pulley to avoid injury,before customer operates engine.

Points for Attention

  1. The engine has been tested strictly in accordance with the test stipulations before delivery. The throttle has been sealed, it is forbidden to dismantle the seal optionally and to enlarge the throttle.Otherwise we would not provide free service for returning product, replacement and repair, users would better pay attention to this.
  2. The engine operator must read this Operation and Maintenance Manual carefully to know the engine’s structure,and comply with the operation and routine rules in this manual.
  3. Before using a new engine, 50 hours test running should be done.
  4. After the engine is cold started, the speed should be increased slowly.lt is forbidden to run the engine in high speed suddenly and in idling for a long time. After running in high load, runnning t he engine at low speed and in no load about 5-10 min, then stop the engine. After the engine is stopped,if the ambient temp.is lower than 0? and no antifreeze is used, the water in water tank and in diesel engine should be drained off.

The rated power of WD615C series marine engine is 110 205kW, speed(at rated conditions) is 1500-21OOr/min. WD615C marine engine possesses the features of small volume,large power, low fuel consumption, easy operation and maintenance and so on. Before operatine the engine,users are advised to read this manual carefully and use right grade of fuel, oil and coolant and operate the engine correctly so as to prolong its service life and obtain the best efficiency and ideal result.