Weichai WP7 Service Manual

WP7 Euro Ⅵ Vehicle Diesel Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual and User Service Guide. WP7 Euro Ⅵ vehicle diesel engines are developed based on a new design concept and meet the Euro Ⅵ emission standard. WP7 diesel engines feature compact structure, reliable operation, high economy indexes and power performance, quick startup, easy operation and convenient maintenance and are the ideal power for the middle/heavy duty trucks and middle/large buses.

This service manual, as reference, describes methods of operation and maintenance, inspection essentials and service guide for WP7 diesel engines. To make best use of WP7 diesel engines, users are expected to carefully read and learn the diesel engine structure, maintenance and operation methods. The diesel engine service life can be significantly prolonged if the users can follow this manual during maintenance.

With the increasing numbers and improving of the variants of WP7 vehicle diesel engines, users are expected to timely pay attention to the technical information released by Weichai. Any revision will not be notified in advance.

Thank you for using Weichai products, and we appreciate your trust! In order to correctly use and maintain the diesel engine, please carefully read this manual and closely follow the specifications. In case of any failure, please timely contact with the Weichai Maintenance Center or Customer Service Center and we will delivery effective service on time. "Service Registration Form" should be filled by the Maintenance Center during service and then kept by the user.

Weichai WP7 Repair Manual

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