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WP2.7/3.2 forklift engine can support KION Baoli forklift. Weichai strengthened cooperation with Baoli’s forklift in aspects including product upgrades,
marketing and service support.

In 21 June 2016, KION and Dematic signed the agreement and KION announced to acquire all the shares of Dematic. The deal is expected to complete in the fourth quarter this year. After the acquisition, KION will become a global leader in the smart intralogistics solution sector.

KION’s new factory in Czech was completed, which produces Linde’s reach trucks and equips with an electronic connection system and a well developed material flow, building an intelligent factory.

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New Products Marketing – Forge ahead to deliver a new national driving force
Light-duty Engines

  1. Detailed construction drawing design for our self-developed WP3 four-valve diesel engine was approved.
  2. Dedicated to developing the quietest engine – WP4.1 National V diesel engines were launched for sales, representing the new drive of profit growth for the Company Diesel engine, which meets off-road Stage III emission standards, passed national-level accreditation
  3. Delong X3000, a heavy-duty tractor for large-sized object transportation with 500 HP which meets National V standards, broke the monopoly in the imported vehicles market in China
  4. Heavily promoted the golden version of X3000 and the new M3000. 5000 of the golden version of X3000 (WP13) were sold in 20161H

Resume Market Share

  1. Market share of engines used by heavyduty trucks increased to 24.6%, heavyduty complete vehicles remained the 4th in the industry
  2. Weichai recorded improvement in the support rate for the strategic clients, including SXHDM, Dayun, FAW and Dongfeng
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