Weichai WP10 Diesel Engines Euro 4 Service Manual [rus]

Weichai WP10 Diesel Engines Euro 4 Service Manual [rus]
Weichai WP10 Diesel Engines Euro 4 [Rus]

The WP10 Euro IV diesel engine is a new engine generation, it has a compact structure, high reliability, exceptional technical indicators (performance, economy and emissions), fast start-up, simple operation, uncomplicated maintenance and presents is a power unit ideal for both heavy duty trucks and luxury tourist buses.

The manual describes the technical characteristics of the engine, the main provisions for operation and maintenance of WP10 diesel engines Euro-IV standard. Compliance with the requirements set out in this manual, undoubtedly, will significantly extend the working life of your engine.

Introducing the WP10 diesel engine manufactured by WEICHAI POWER Co. We recommend that you start by carefully studying this Manual. for the operation and maintenance of the diesel engine and in the future - strictly follow the rules and technologies contained in in the Manual.

This diesel engine has passed a series of tests and tests before shipment. tests. Do not alter the software of the electronic unit control of the ECU engine in order to increase the engine power, otherwise In this case, we will be forced to withdraw the warranty.

ECU controller, injection pump and fuel injectors are high precision devices. Do not try to disassemble them yourself, otherwise warranty obligations are canceled.

The exact guidelines for angles and tightening torques apply to the head bolts and connecting rod bolts of the engine. Please don't try to twist them on one's own. The connecting rod bolts are disposable, i.e. do not allow reuse, otherwise the warranty will be void.

The quality of the engine oil or fuel that enters the engine must comply with the requirements set out in this manual, and must be filtered with special filters. Before every launch the engine, make sure that the volumes of oil and coolant filled are sufficient.