Weichai 495 Series Diesel Engines Manual

Weichai 495 Series Diesel Engines Manual
Weichai Power 495 Series Diesel Engines Manual PDF

HUAFENGDONGLI brand 495 series diesel engine is a four stroke, vertical, water cooled., swirl combustion chamber, four cylinder diesel engine. In 1980', our company adopted the comet V combustion system and diesel design technique of Ricardo Consulting Engineers Company and have make great improvement in design. Thus, the power, economy and tiability reached a advanced level among the same kind products all over the world.

HUAFENGDONGLI brand 495 series diesel engine was prized by the National Science Congress and its easy to adapt. According to the different application, some parts are changed accordingly. It can be matched with middle. sized tractors, engineering machinery, middle sized vehicles, generating sets, irrigating machines and agricultural products process machines etc. The output range of various version of 495 series diesel engine is 26.5 -51". 5KW, 'and its rated speed is 1500 -2800r/min. Model K4100 is developed'from Model 495 through cylinder expansion. As a result, the o.utput range has been enlarged. ZH4100 is developed from K4100. It adopts the" direct injecting combustion chamber, and improved its economy further.

In order to keep the diesel engine in good condition in most time ,prolong the guarantee period maximlIy, reduce the cost of usage, we compiled this manual on the basis of the II National Rated 495 Diesel Engine Manual" and the change and improvement of the products to introduce the operation and maintenance. knowledge to the customers.

This operation manual mainly introduces common usage type. For the products is changing and improving continually, there may be some slight difference. between the produces and that described in this manua'i arid the. users are advised to notice it kindly.

The anual is complied by Zhao Ruian, Wang Jinghai ,Sun. Chuanhai, Yu Caihong,.' Yang Lin, Li Zhiyong, advised'by Li Peiyan, Chen Ling, and finally examined and approved by Li Huaiqing. For the limit of the compilers, there may be mistakes in the manual, if you filld any, plea'se kindly point out ·so that they can be corrected. Also, it will, be appreciated if you give us your suggestions about our .products.

The diesel engine operators must familiarize themselves with this manual as well as engine construction and strictly follow· the .procedures of operation and maintenance especially' the regulations for safety operation described in this manual.

During the period of wearing in, the throttle should be fully opened. The load numeral value can be gained according to the load estimation of the matched belt, however, we must obey the principle of increasing load gradually from low load.

Due to the different fitting machines, such as tractors, vehicles, engineering machines, generating sets and harvesters etc., the wearing in should meet the different requirements for the usage. The diesel engine used for agricultural rnachines, for example, the diesel engine used for water pump, thresher and grinder etc., which have power take out equipment have already wearied in preliminarily, so customers can reduce the wearing in time properly.