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HP LaserJet printers produce excellent print quality. The printer accepts a variety of media, such as cut-sheet paper (including recycled paper), envelopes, labels, transparencies, vellum, and custom-size paper. Properties such as weight, grain, and moisture content are important factors affecting printer performance and output quality.

The printer can use a variety of paper and other print media in accordance with the guidelines in this user guide. Media that does not meet these guidelines might cause the following problems:

  • Poor print quality
  • Increased media jams
  • Premature wear on the printer, requiring repair

For best results, use only HP brand paper and print media. Hewlett-Packard Company cannot recommend the use of other brands. Because they are not HP products, HP cannot influence or control their quality. It is possible for media to meet all of the guidelines in this user guide and still not produce satisfactory results. This might be the result of improper handling, unacceptable temperature and humidity levels, or other variables over which HP has no control.

The following sections provide resources for additional information about the HP LaserJet 1020 series printer. The HP LaserJet 1020 series printer includes the HP LaserJet 1022, 1022n, and 1022nw printer models.

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Printer configurations
Below are the standard configurations for the HP LaserJet 1022, 1022n, and 1022nw printers.
HP LaserJet 1022 printer

  • 18 pages per minute (ppm) A4 media and 19 ppm for letter media
  • First page out in as few as 8 seconds
  • ProRes 1200 print quality setting that provides fine-line detail at 1200 x 1200 dots perinch (dpi)
  • 250-sheet main input tray
  • Priority feed slot
  • 100-sheet output capacity
  • EconoMode (saves toner)
  • Print watermarks, booklets, multiple pages per sheet (N-up), and first page on different media than rest of the document
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 2,000-page print cartridge
  • Host-based printer drivers
  • USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Power switch
  • 26 PCL fonts

Priority feed slot
You should use the priority feed slot when feeding one sheet of paper, envelope, postcard, label, or transparency. You can also use the priority feed slot to print the first page on different media than the rest of the document. Media guides ensure that the media is correctly fed into the printer and that the print is not skewed (crooked on the media). When loading media, adjust the media guides to match the width of the media that you are using.

Printer properties online help
The printer properties (driver) online help includes specific information about the functions in the printer properties. This online help guides you through the process of changing your printer's default settings. For some drivers, online help gives instructions on using contextsensitive help. Contex sensitive help describes the options for the driver feature you are currently accessing.

HP LaserJet Printers

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