Epson 10600 Printer Manual

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Thank you for choosing the EPSON Stylus Pro 10600, the most technologically advanced system of its kind. With its innovative ink, print head, and print engine technologies, the Stylus Pro 10600 delivers truly photographic output at print speeds faster than you ever thought possible. Your printer is backed by one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the industry, so you can be sure we’re here if you ever need us. For details on EPSON’s technical support, see “Where To Get Help” on page 3

About Your Manuals
This Printer Guide provides important information on setting up your printer, selecting paper, basic operation, and replacing parts such as ink cartridges. It also tells you how to maintain your printer and provides troubleshooting tips in case you have a problem.

For additional information:

  • The Quick Reference Guide provides a handy summary of procedures for daily use loading paper, replacing ink cartridges, running cleaning cycles, aligning the print head, and clearing paper jams. Attach it to your printer using the included hook for easy reference.
  • The electronic Reference Guide on the CD-ROM provides additional information about the printer, drivers, and utility software. You can read the guide using a web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 3.0 or later.

Ink Cartridge Safety Instructions

  1. Do not put your hand inside the printer or touch the cartridges during printing.
  2. To avoid damaging the printer, do not move the print head by hand.
  3. Under normal circumstances, ink will not come out of the cartridge. If it does get on your skin, wash it off with soap and water. If it gets in your eyes, flush them immediately with water.
  4. Keep ink cartridges out of the reach of children and do not drink the ink.
  5. Do not store ink cartridges at high or freezing temperatures. Keep cartridges away from direct sunlight.

When choosing a place for the printer, leave adequate room for easy access and ventilation. Avoid locations subject to direct sunlight, excessive heat, moisture, or dust. Also avoid locations near potential sources of interference, such as loud speakers, cordless phones, TVs, or air conditioners

EPSON Stylus Pro 10600 Series User Guide
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