Epson 1160 CFS Installation Manual

Installation Instructions: Filled Epson 1160 CFS
Procedure: Fill Cartridges with Ink, Get a place to work where you can spill a little ink and not ruin anything. Spread some newspapers down and have plenty of paper towels handy. Make sure you have good lighting.

Continuous Flow Cartridges, color and black with tubes attached

  1. 4 MIS-Syringe (10 cc)
  2. 4 Bottom Fill Adapters (MIS-BADPT)
  3. 4 Bottles of ink, one of each color (CMYK)
  4. 4 Rivets (MIS-Rivet)

Follow the table below for determining how much ink to inject into each chamber. The instructions for each color are identical, just the volume of ink injected is different

Color Volume (cc)
Black 22
Cyan 10
Magenta 10
Yellow 10

See the photo below to determine which color goes into which chamber. You must not make a mistake on this, it is vital to be correct. Use a felt tip pen and label each chamber with the correct letters.... K, C, M, Y.

Do not remove foil pull tabs from top of cartridges. This is important

Epson 1160 CFS Installation Manual
Epson 1160 CFS Installation Instructions Manual