Pontiac Pursuit Owner’s and Service Manual

Pontiac Pursuit Owner’s and Service Manual
Pontiac Pursuit

AND ENGINEERING, much more than just the latest entry in the compact car class. And that’s a potent distinction, because there are plenty of compact cars on the road that are built to appeal to the more pragmatic, nuts and bolts type of person. The big news is that now there’s a car that satisfies the craving for a more spirited, sportier approach to driving. A car dedicated to drivers who actually covet their time behind the wheel. A car you can count on to perform and that you can count on to last – backed by a 5-year/100,000 km Extended Powertrain Warranty.* The new Pontiac Pursuit. Built for Drivers. Find more information about the new Pontiac Pursuit at gmcanada.com

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Pontiac Pursuit Service Manual where you can fully appreciate Pursuit’s rigorous approach to performance. That’s in the driver’s seat – to be more precise, Pursuit’s sport-contoured driver’s seat. It includes both height and lumbar support adjusters, so you can find and hold your best possible driving position. To further enhance the feeling, SE models invite you to choose available heated leather-appointed front seats. So get ready to engage yourself in a fundamentally different compact car driving experience.

Pontiac Pursuit Maintenance Manual is defined by more than horsepower ratings and zero-to-100 times. It’s the product of control. In Pursuit, that encompasses everything from the quick-reading white-faced analogue gauges to the feel of the ergonomically designed controls. But there’s another part of the equation that also sets Pursuit apart – the quality of information that is continually relayed to the driver. Whether through the standard tachometer or the comprehensive Driver Information Centre, Pursuit provides the feedback you need to drive decisively, and be firmly in control.

PERFORMANCE DRIVING really is based on the science of dynamics. That means controlling the very powerful forces exerted on the chassis and components. Pursuit’s Delta architecture provides an extremely solid foundation that allows the vehicle systems to function at optimum performance. The suspension is calibrated with a precise amount of travel to deliver the desired handling characteristics. And the multi-valve, dual overhead cam 145 horsepower ECOTEC engine puts it all in motion. The result is a brand of performance defined by its agility and responsiveness.

THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE: a dynamic form of driving begins with a dynamic form. One look at Pursuit and you’ll see why everything else in the class looks exceedingly ordinary. With a presence created by the body’s striking contours, a standard rear spoiler and the SE’s 16-in. aluminum wheels. Look even closer and you’ll discover another of Pursuit’s attributes: an exceedingly high level of fit and finish that is demonstrated by the exacting gap tolerances between the body panels. Pursuit – it’s well built for drivers.

The new Pursuit reflects Pontiac’s total commitment to performance engineering. That is highlighted by the exceptionally rigid Delta architecture that is responsible for Pursuit’s precise handling characteristics and lively driving personality. The chassis functions in combination with the dual overhead cam ECOTEC engine and the advanced suspension components to define a new level of performance. And with a standard rear spoiler and 15-in. wheels, Pursuit looks as sporty as it feels. Eager for your next performance?


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