Pontiac G6 Owner’s and Repair Manual

Pontiac G6 Owner’s and Repair Manual
Pontiac G6

The starting point for the new 2005 Pontiac G6 wasn’t a chassis, or an engine, or a panel of sheet metal. It was an idea – unencumbered by assumptions or preconceptions. The goal was deceptively simple: create a signature driving experience so responsive it would enable drivers to heighten their own level of performance. So what does it take to transform an abstract concept into full-blown reality? You’re about to find out for yourself. What you’ll discover is how creative design and advanced technology have been fused together with a single sense of purpose. All focused around the driver. In a race-bred cockpit where performance is judged by the feeling of extraordinary connection with the car and the road. The new 2005 Pontiac G6. Built for Drivers.

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Pontiac G6 User Manual
IF YOU VIEW EVERY TURN BEHIND THE WHEEL as something of a personal challenge, you’ll find that the driver’s seat of the G6 provides an almost unfair competitive advantage. The cockpit combines a race-inspired look with a race-inspired feel. The driver-oriented design is defined by the highly bolstered sport seating and the wraparound contours of the instrument panel. In addition, the controls and switches are tuned to provide positive tactile feedback. Even more importantly, the steering, brakes and accelerator have been meticulously balanced and evenly weighted, contributing to precise driver control. Let the performance begin.

WHEN YOU START WITH A BLANK SLATE, you get to think big. G6’s available Panoramic sunroof is an excellent example. Measuring twice the area of your old-school sunroof, this new feature is a one-of-a-kind in its class.* It’s not only the size that distinguishes this sunroof from all others – it’s also the manner in which it operates. Four separate panels retract progressively, allowing you to choose your preferred size of opening. When the roof is open, the panels are stored externally, preserving interior headroom. Widen your vision of performance driving. With G6 and its available Panoramic sunroof.

THE SECRET TO EXCEPTIONAL DRIVER CONTROL is the sensitivity of a car’s performance technology. Nowhere is that more fundamental than in the steering and braking systems. G6’s electronic steering is speed-sensitive, meaning it provides more assist when greater steering effort is required – at lower speeds. At highway speeds the assist is minimized, to increase feel. G6’s four-wheel disc braking system is enhanced by a digital brake force controller that senses an impending skid and applies pressure at individual wheels to help maintain stability. And the brake pedal feel is very positive and confidence inspiring. G6 – the strong, sensitive type.