Kalmar DCG90-180 Lift trucks 9 - 18 tonnes

The DCG90-180 is a range of new Kalmar trucks with a lifting capacity of 9 – 18 tonnes. The new DCG90-180 is the result of our customer-focused product development activities as well as our deep commitment to improving the performance of lift trucks. In fact, DCG90-180 capitalizes on insights we have gained from the more than 10.000 worldwide users of Kalmar trucks with this lifting capacity.

Introducing Kalmar DCG90-180
The new Kalmar DCG90-180 is designed, built and delivered to offer greater total lifetime savings. This new range of Kalmar trucks offer these savings by improving the performance of your truck and driver teams. Below is a summary of how the Kalmar DCG90-180 benefits your business.

Give your savings a lift
The following pages provide you more details about the Kalmar DCG90-180. Contact your local Cargotec representative for a closer look and a test drive.

Improving a driver’s working environment the cabin stimulates productivity, efficiency and safety. That’s why the new DCG90-180 incorporates our most productive driving environment: the new EGO cabin. It’s loaded with outstanding ergonomics and smart features that help drivers optimally perform their work. As important, the truck has new electric and hydraulic systems as well as modern lifting equipment to help drivers boost productivity and operational savings.

EGO cabin enables driver productivity
The new EGO cabin is a spacious workplace. Its curved glass window gives the operator excellent side-to-side and overhead visibility. Below is a closer look at some of the interior of DCG90-180.

Here is how the DCG90-180 helps drivers optimize lifting efficiency and save fuel – at the same time. To begin with, its new electric and hydraulic systems mean quicker response, high lifting speed and increased control. Meanwhile, new load sensing hydraulic pumps improve fuel efficiency. Operating together, this combination improves productivity and saves fuel – every lift.

As lifting equipment plays a vital role in the performance of any forklift, it is important yours match your individual requirements and applications. For instance, careful consideration should be made to factors such as lift height, clearance, free lift, carriage flexibility, etc. in order to optimize operations. Cargotec offer you a complete range of standard and custom lifting equipment carriage, fork shaft, forks, levelling, etc and options to suit your specific lifting and cargo handling requirements.

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