Kalmar DCF360-450CSG Toplift container handlers 36 – 45 tonnes

Let us introduce to you the details about the new ultimate top-lift handler – the Kalmar DCF-series. These heavy-duty container handlers have been developed exclusively for ports and terminals with strong demands on productivity and high quality operation. This is a machine, which has long been asked for among demanding terminal operators all over the world.

The Kalmar DCF has as standard a duplex free visibility mast, made of high strength steel to provide a long life with minimal deflection at high lifting heights. Maximum lifting height is 15160 mm or five containers high under the twist-locks. The mast is equipped with the new Kalmar high speed lifting system, which provides very fast handling of loads up to 22 tonnes.

Matching your handling and throughput needs
When we designed the Kalmar DCF top-lift we already knew the detailed status of all the main alternatives on the market. Hence, we designed a machine which meets or exceeds the specifications of the others – on the spec sheet and in reality.

You can choose between three basic models, each optimised according to lifting capacity – stability – overall dimensions – weight – top- lift speed and driving performance.

Three models cover container handling between 36 – 45 tonnes capacity, 20’-40’ containers and up to five high stacking at full capacity. This means that you may easily find the right machine or combination of machines to suit your operational requirements.

The design of the chassis, mast, carriage and spreader has resulted in machines with very good dimensional-, stability- and operational characteristics. In spite of its size and capacity the Kalmar
DCF has a short turning radius. Together with the optimised visibility and good manoeuvrability it saves terminal space and makes the machine a smooth operator in confined aisles. The counterweight and lifting height requirements have been matched with a modern chassis to keep down the overall weight but with no sacrifice in stability.

The mast and carriage are computer designed and optimised (FEM and Catia V5) which allowed for a decrease in the front axle weight. Together with Kalmar’s integrated high capacity spreader it allows you to fully utilise the capabilities of mast tilt, slewing, extension, sideshift at full lifting height and full capacity.

Kalmar DCF360-450CSG 36 – 45 tonnes Manual

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