Kalmar DCE90-180, diesel forklift - technical information

The Kalmar 9 -18 tonne series is an entirely new range of medium-size trucks. Our highly praised medium range of trucks has now been further developed and improved. It has also benefited from many entirely new solutions.

The aim of our development work has been the creation of a unique driving experience, visibility and handling which, together with high quality, long life and ease of service, provide the conditions for efficient working and excellent overall economy.

Powerful and hard-wearing power
trains with new improved gearboxes or electronically controlled gear units, perfectly matched with optional, environmentally friendly engines wellbalanced bodies for optimum dynamic stability and visibility the number of options providing an unbelievable driving experience, safety and efficiency. Design and technical solutions result in increased lifetime and longer service intervals simplified service and daily inspection, and in addition to all this, a wide selection of high-quality driving environments.

Spirit Delta
The scientific work that has featured throughout the development process has made the Spirit Delta the best designed driving environment available in the industry. Priority has been given to ergonomics for the driver. After a demanding shift in a Spirit Delta, the driver should be alert and attentive, resulting in improved working safety.

The overall design and all the adjustment options mean that the Spirit Delta will benefit every driver. Instruments and control layout allow the driver to see at a glance and have control over all the machine’s various functions, while at the same time allowing the driver to work in an efficient and relaxed way. Visibility has been optimised and has further benefited from the truck’s new soft design lines. Comfort with regard to noise level, climate, lighting and accessibility is at the highest level possible.

We have fitted the Kalmar 9 - 18 range with the very best power trains. Engine, gearbox, drive shaft and wet disc brakes - everything has been built and combined into a unit with the highest performance and durability possible. Together with the excellent dynamic stability of the new series, this provides a driving experience and level of control throughout the work cycle that
cannot be compared with anything that has gone before.

Kalmar DCE90-180, diesel forklift manual

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