Kalmar DCD90-180 Tchnical Manual

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Kalmar DCD90-180 diesel trucks are of sturdy design for heavy duty. They are built around a chassis which has high strength and torsional stiffness and an extremely low centre of gravity. The operator’s cab is provided with vibration isolation and sound insulation and offers excellent all-round visibility.

Operator’s cab
The operator’s cab is a separate structure and rests on the chassis on rubber dampers. The operator’s seat, steering wheel and hydraulic control levers can be adjusted for best possible operator comfort. Effective insulation minimises the vibrations and sound level in the cab.

The standard heating system consists of a fan and heater for heating the air in the cab by recirculation. Fresh air is drawn in through a ventilation air filter. Full air conditioning, with cooling, heating and dehumidification, is available to special order.

Steering column
Surrounding the steering column are multi-function levers for gear changing, indicators, windshield wipers, etc., as well as the instrument panel with the ECS terminal. At the very foot of the steering column is the steering valve (Orbitrol), activated by the steering wheel via an angled gear. The steering column is equipped with an adjustment handles for the alteration of steering wheel height and rake.

Pump and cylinder for cab tilting
A hydraulic cylinder is provided for tilting the cab. The hydraulic fluid pressure for this purpose is generated by a manually operated pump. The pump is fitted with a reversing valve for upward or downward tilting.

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