Kalmar Contmaster 45 Tons Technical Information Container Handler

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Dedicated for Container Handling
A renewed workhorse dedicated for laden containers. The Contmaster is improved in several ways, which is reflected in higher efficiency and longer service intervals. In other words the machine now gives you a higher output per hour.

A reachstacker is one of the most flexible handling solutions weather to operate a smaller one-unit terminal or a medium sized port. The ContMaster can handle loaded containers quickly and efficiently in narrow spaces, while still ensuring that the driver has optimum visibility. The machine comes in one wheel base optimised for lifting capacity in relation to manoeuvrability.

The extensive freedom allowed by the lifting equipment means that the machine’s position in relation to the container and its drop-off is of little significance. The rotational and side-shift function means that the machine does not usually need to be placed at right angles to the container during loading and unloading. The distance between the container and the machine can also be varied, as the boom can be extended and withdrawn.

Compared to a conventional forklift, a larger proportion of the lifting manoeuvre can be performed while the truck is stationary. Containers can also be lifted and transported lengthwise, making it possible to pass through narrow gaps such as gates. The low overall height of the machine, with a lowered lifting boom, means high accessibility in low spaces.

Any driver with the ability to take advantage of the machine’s capacity and technical benefits will find this reachstacker a powerful, flexible tool for handling containers and this to lowest possible cost. More detailed information about the DRS models will be found in the technical data sheets.

Capacity and dimensions
Adapted for toplift handling. The chassis and lifting equipment have gone through major improvements to ensure the best possible performance, strength and user-friendliness. The nature of the working cycle and capacity requirements in second and third row determine which of the three basic models that is the most suitable.

Lifting boom
The lifting boom bears the weight. The container-handling device consists of a telescopic boom to which a spreader has been attached. The booms durable and robust design is welded on the neutral axle for maximum strength. The boom consists of two sections, one section moving within the other. Rollers are fitted in the rear part of the inner-boom, which together with the floating wear pads in front of the outer boom facilitate the sliding motion. The boom’s fixture in the frame and the lifting cylinders are fitted with spherical plane thrust bearings.

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