Kalmar ContChamp Onderhoud DRD-GB DRD-S technical handbook

Kalmar ContChamp Onderhoud DRD-GB DRD-S technical handbook
Kalmar ContChamp Onderhoud Manual

This Handbook deals with the design and maintenance of Kalmar machines, type DRD-S for the handling of containers. In addition, it gives details of troubleshooting and the most common corrective maintenance. Operation and other matters that are primarily of interest to the operator are included it the Instruction Manual. This handbook applies to machines from and including machine number T34107.0784 as well as T34107.0621 and T34107.0769, see next page.

These machines are of a new design that entails the following differences from older machines. The changes do not apply to machines with combi-attachments or top-lift with pileslope.

  1. The electrical system is equipped with a separate KDU for the top-lift, component number 791. The KDU communicates with ECU 2 via a CAN bus.
  2. The main valve of the top-lift is fed by a variable hydraulic pump. The main valve is common for all of the top-lift’s functions.
  3. The length adjustment of the top-lift is manoeuvred by means of a hydraulic motor and chain.
  4. The top-lift rotation brake is manoeuvred completely hydraulically.

Design – Overview
Kalmar DRD420–450 model S diesel trucks are of sturdy design for particularly heavy duty handling of 20-40' loaded containers. They are built around a chassis which has high strength and torsional stiffness and an extremely low centre of gravity.

The operator’s cab is provided with vibration isolation and sound insulation and offers excellent all-round visibility. There are many adjustments that can be made to the operator's driving position. The position of the seat, back support and firmness of the driving seat can be adjusted in a number of ways.

The trucks are equipped with a sliding cab. This puts the operator in an exceptional position to superwise the top lift attachment and offers excellent accessibility to the transmission and hydraulic pumps. The engine is easily accessible through a removable running board. To special order, the trucks are equipped with hydraulically powered sliding cab.

The Volvo six-cylinder turbocharged engine, combined with a four-speed gearbox with torque converter, provides smooth power whenever needed. The drive axle with hub reduction, oil-cooled hydraulic brake system and pendulum-mounted steered axle with double-acting steering cylinder satisfy very strict demands on strength and mobility when travelling on irregular surfaces. The hydraulic system is reliable and has high performance.

Supplementary books
In addition to the Instruction Manual and the Technical Handbook, the following books are delivered with every truck. Spare parts catalogue Instruction Manual for Volvo Industrial engines.

Replacement system - Spare parts
Kalmar operates a system of replacement parts, repair kits and gasket sets covering most of the vital components of the truck. For the contents of these kits, see the Spare parts catalogue.

Kalmar offers a wide range of tools for truck maintenance work. For further information, please contact Kalmar's service department.