Hyster RS45-27CH Manual PDF

Hyster RS45-27CH Manual PDF
Hyster RS45-27CH Manual

The Service Manuals are updated on a regular basis, but may not reflect recent design changes to the product. Updated technical service information may be available from your local authorized Hyster dealer. Service Manuals provide general guidelines for maintenance and service and are intended for use by trained and experienced technicians. Failure to properly maintain equipment or to follow instructions contained in the Service Manual could result in damage to the products, personal injury, property damage or death.

When lifting parts or assemblies, make sure all slings, chains, or cables are correctly fastened, and that the load being lifted is balanced. Make sure the crane, cables, and chains have the capacity to support the weight of the load. Do not lift heavy parts by hand, use a lifting mechanism. Hyster RS45-27CH Manual,Hyster RS45-27CH User Manual,Hyster RS45-27CH Operator Manual.

Series Code / Model Designation Reference Table
This table consist of the following Series Codes used in this manual.

Series Code Model Designation Europe Model Designation America
A404 RS45-27CH, RS45-31CH RS45-27CH, RS45-31CH


This SRM describes the functions of the cab and the replacement instructions for the cab components. See Figure 1. Some of the described components are options that may not be present on each cab. The operation of the various switches and controls can be found in the Operating Manual. The description and repair instructions for the heater assembly are in Cab Heater and Air Conditioner 0100SRM2044. The remove and replace instructions for the cab as an assembly are in the Frame and Main Components 0100SRM2042.

Information on systems that are related to the cab can be found in the SRM's:

  • Electrical System 2200SRM2052
  • Brake System 1800SRM2048
  • Steering System 1600SRM2047
  • Diagrams 8000SRM2058


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