Hyster B274 (H50CT) ICE Trucks Service Manual

Hyster B274 (H50CT) ICE Trucks Service Manual
Hyster B274 (H50CT) ICE Trucks

The Service Manuals are updated on a regular basis, but may not reflect recent design changes to the product. Updated technical service information may be available from your local authorized Hyster dealer. Service Manuals provide general guidelines for maintenance and service and are intended for use by trained and experienced technicians. Failure to properly maintain equipment or to follow instructions contained in the Service Manual could result in damage to the products.

The removal and replacement procedures for the following electrical components are covered in this manual:

  • Display Switch Cluster
  • Power Distribution Module (PDM)
  • Lights
  • Sensors and switches
  • Battery

Some of the components used are made of plastic. When using screws to replace and install plastic components, the screws should be rotated counterclockwise until the screw thread turns over the last thread in the plastic part. The screw can then be turned clockwise to make a connection. This prevents "cutting" new threads and damaging the existing thread in the plastic part. If any weding must be done, obtain proper authorization from a Resident Service Engineer. If authorization is given, be sure to follow the procedures in the CAUTION below.

When welding, always disconnect the negative battery cable from battery and disconnect the ground wire from the ground stud on the frame. See Figure 1. To prevent damage to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), remove it from the lift truck.

For lift trucks equipped with LPG engine see Fuel System PSI 2.4L 0900SRM1757 for procedure to remove ECU from lift truck. For lift trucks equipped with diesel engines see section Engine Control Module (ECM), Yanmar Diesel Engine in this manual for procedure to remove ECM from lift truck.

NOTE: The direction control lever is located on left side of Display Switch Cluster. The direction control lever is non-repairable and must be replaced as an assembly. See the Parts Manual for replacement part number.
1. Insert two small, flat-blade or Phillips screw drivers, with a 3.175 mm (0.125 in.) or less, wide blade or die end, into the opening on the Display Switch Cluster on an outward angle enough to compress the spring tab on the direction control lever. See A, Figure 6.


  1. Install Display Switch Cluster onto steering column. Install four bolts to secure panel to steering column and tighten bolts to 19 N•m (168 lbf in). See Figure 5.
  2. Connect the Display Switch Cluster to the display harness. 
  3. Install steering wheel onto steering shaft and tighten the lock nut until steering wheel is fully seated. The final torque for the lock nut is 40 to 54 N•m (30 to 40 lbf ft). See Figure 4.
  4. Connect horn wires to horn button. Install horn lock nut and horn button into steering wheel.
  5. Install upper steering column cover by aligning the two latches and pushing down until latched. See Figure 3.

Sensors and Switches
Before removing and replacing any sensors or switches, ALWAYS disconnect the battery. Failure to disconnect the battery can cause damage to the sensor or switch and other electrical components. Always cover or protect the sensor or switch connector from contamination after disconnecting the harness mating part.

All sensors and switches used on these trucks are non-repairable parts. Replace with new sensors or switches whenever a sensor or switch malfunctions and is not operating correctly. See Parts Manual for replacement part numbers. Before installing new sensors or switches, use a clean cloth and make sure the area around the sensor or switch is clean and free of oils and contaminates.


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