Hyster H360-36 / 48HD SERIES Trucks Technical Guide

Hyster H360-36 / 48HD SERIES Trucks Technical Guide
Hyster H360-36 / 48HD SERIES

Masts with nested channels provide maximum visibility of the attachment and load. Mast channels, rollers, stub shafts and chain anchors are reinforced to provide good torsional rigidity. Oversized stub shafts are inset and double welded for good impact resistance. Chains designed on outside of mast to enhance visibility window.

Pin-type integral pin-type fork positioner with simultaneous or individual fork control pin-type integral sideshift integral pin-type dual function sideshift fork positioner apron style sideshift fork positioner with simultaneous or individual fork control. Overall width is 100” (2540 mm) for the H360-36/48HD Minimum inside-to-inside fork spacing - model and attachment dependent is 9” (235 mm) Maximum outside-to-outside fork spacing - model and attachment dependent is 94” (2375 mm)

Hyster on-demand load sensing hydraulic system introduces an efficient way to meet truck’s hydraulic load demands:

  • Based on Variable Displacement Pump (VDP) technology
  • Pump is only pumping when oil is needed
  • Less heat is produced - oil and filters last longer. Hoses, seals, and components also wear less and last longer
  • Engine runs quieter and at lower speeds, extending life of major components
  • Leak free O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings standard throughout the truck
  • Capable of more oil displacement even at low engine speeds


  • Designed for high loads and long life, the one piece axle frame carries the axle loads and provides mounting for the spindles and cylinder
  • Axle spindles are supported by oil bathed wheel bearings and sealed to prevent contamination entry or loss of oil. This ensures that oil bearings are always lubricated and enhances overall durability of the axle spindles
  • No steering linkage adjustments are required. Lubricating fittings on tie rod pins are the only regular maintenance points
  • Load sensed steering provides low steering effort and good performance at all engine speeds
  • Fully adjustable steering angle limiter with mechanical stops reduces tire scrubbing
  • Wheel hubs rotate on large tapered roller bearings
  • Non-adjustable tie rod ends provide maximum life


  • Ergonomically designed hydraulic controls and high/low range control lever are within easy reach
  • Three steps and hand grips provide easy access to operator compartment
  • Angled floor plate and pedals are positioned for operator comfort
  • Telescopic, tilt steer column
  • Supportive mechanical full-suspension seat adjusts 8 inches (200 mm) for operator comfort
  • Several air suspension seat options are available
  • Steel overhead guard frame provides maximum high-stacking visibility
  • Operator Presence System (OPS) with complete hydraulic lock out requires the operator to be in the normal operating position before any travel or movement of the mast, tilt, carriage, and attachment can be initiated and that the travel or movement of the mast, tilt, carriage, and attachment is locked out when the operator leaves the seat for more than 2-3 seconds
  • Optional light groups aid visibility in low-lighted areas. Light kits featuring innovative high-performance LED and halogen technology are available
  • Optional ComforCabII features: tinted, curved glass circulation fan heater & defroster electric wiper and windshield washer front, rear, top intermittent front wiper door retainer 3 speed fan 12-volt auxiliary power source dome light, with many additional options to enhance comfort and productivity

QSB 6.7L 6 cylinder diesel engine delivers 164 hp (peak 168 hp) and 540 lb-ft of maximum torque. EPA Tier 4 Final compliant engine features cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) water-cooled variable geometry turbocharger with an integrated Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) delivery system. Innovative selectable ECO performance modes offer excellent fuel economy and maximum productivity. Also includes:

  • 120 amp alternator
  • Viscous, on-demand cooling fan which saves fuel and reduces noise
  • Low mount exhaust with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diluter to reduce exhaust temperatures
  • Requires ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and low-ash oil
  • Heavy duty spinner type Sy-Klone pre-cleaner center stacked for ease of service and enhanced visibility


  • ZF WG-161 three-speed, fully reversing powershift transmission produces smooth shifting, precise inching and fast acceleration
  • 3 forward and 3 reverse gears
  • Smooth fully automatic gear shift control
  • Powershift transmission with proportional valves
  • Inching electronically controlled
  • Cushioned clutch lock-up provides smooth shifting and dampens drive line shock loads
  • Simple push button calibration
  • Transmission lock-out preventing high speed directional changes
  • Transmission and engine powertrain protection for excessive engine coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure, and excessive engine inlet air temperatures