Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Operators Manual

Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Operators Manual
Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator

This chapter describes the controls, and contains information on the function and handling of the indicator lights and controls in the cab. The pages stated in the table refer to the description of the controls. A combination of digits, or a combination of digits and letters (e.g. 40/18 or 40/A) used for identifying the control elements, means: fig. no. 40/control element no. 18 or position A in fig. no. 40 Figures carry no numbers if they are placed to the left of the text. Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Operators Manual,Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator user Manual,Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator owner's Manual

Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Putting the machine into service for the first time

  • The machine may be put into service by a trained operator only! – see chapter 1.5 Operator qualifications on page 1-5 – see chapter 2.5 Operator and Technician Qualifications and Basic Responsibilities on page 2-3.
  • The staff must have read and understood this Operator’s Manual before putting the machine into service.
  • The machine must only be used in serviceable condition in accordance with its designated use and the instructions set forth in this Operator’s Manual, and only by safety-conscious persons who are fully aware of the risks involved in operating the machine.
  • Go through the “Start-up” checklist in the following chapter.

Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Running-in period
Handle the machine carefully during its first 50 operating hours. The future performance and service life of the machine are heavily dependent on the observance of the following recommendations during the running-in period.

  • Do not change engine speed abruptly.
  • Avoid using the machine under heavy loads and/or at high speeds.
  • Avoid abrupt acceleration, braking and changing travel direction.
  • Do not run the engine at high speed for extended periods.
  • Strictly observe the maintenance schedules – see chapter 5.14 Maintenance plan (overview) on page 5-35.

The checklists below are intended to assist you in checking and monitoring the machine before, during and after operation. These checklists cannot claim to be exhaustive; they are merely intended as an aid for you in fulfilling your duties as a conscientious operator. The checking and monitoring jobs listed below are described in greater detail in the following chapters. If the answer to one of the following questions is NO, first rectify the cause of the fault before starting or continuing work.