Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Maintenance Manual

Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Maintenance Manual
Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator

Operational readiness and the service life of machines are heavily dependent on maintenance. It is therefore in the interest of the machine owner to perform the prescribed maintenance work. Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Maintenance Manual,Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator service Manual,Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator repair Manual,Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator workshop Manual

Before performing service and maintenance work, always read, understand and follow the instructions given in:

  • Chapter 2 “SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” of this Operator’s Manual
  • The Operator’s Manuals of the attachments.

Perform the prescribed inspections and rectify any disorders before putting the machine into service. Secure open (engine) covers appropriately. Do not open (engine) covers on slopes or in strong wind. Dirt may be blown away and cause severe injuries when using compressed air. Always wear protective goggles, masks and clothing.

Refueling from barrels
If refueling from barrels cannot be avoided, note the following points (see fig. 104):

  • Barrels must neither be rolled nor tilted before refueling.
  • Protect the suction pipe opening of the barrel pump with a fine-mesh strainer.
  • Immerse the suction pipe into the barrel until there is 15 cm (6’’) of clearance from the end of the pipe to the bottom of the barrel.
  • Only fill the tank using refueling aids (funnels or filler pipes) with integral microfilter.
  • Keep all refueling containers clean at all times.

Wacker Neuson 1404 Track Excavator Engine cooling system
The radiator is located in the engine compartment, on the right-hand side of the engine, and cools the diesel engine. The expansion tank for the coolant is also located in the engine compartment, behind the engine.

General instructions for air filter maintenance:

  • Store filters in their original packaging and in a dry place!
  • Do not knock the filter against other objects as you install it!
  • Check air filter attachments, air intake hoses and air filters for damage, and immediately repair or replace if necessary!
  • Check the screws at the induction manifold and the clamps for tightness!
  • Check the function of the dust valve, replace if necessary!

Important information for the use of biodegradable oil
Use only the biodegradable hydraulic fluids which have been tested and approved by Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH. Always contact Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH for the use of other products which have not been recommended. In addition, ask the oil supplier for a written declaration of guarantee. This guarantee is applicable to damage occurring on the hydraulic components, which can be proved to be due to the hydraulic fluid.

Use only biodegradable oil of the same type for filling. In order to avoid misunderstandings, a label providing clear information is located on the hydraulic oil tank (next to the filler inlet) regarding the type of oil currently used. Replace missing labels!

The combined use of two different biodegradable oils can affect the quality of one of the oil types. Therefore, make sure the remaining amount of initial hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic system does not exceed 8 % when changing biodegradable oil (manufacturer indications).

The instructions in this Operator’s Manual concerning environmental protection are also valid for the use of biodegradable oil. If additional hydraulic attachments are mounted or operated, use the same type of biodegradable oil for these attachments to avoid mixtures in the hydraulic system. Subsequent change from mineral oil to biodegradable oil must be performed by an authorized Wacker Neuson service center.


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