Toyota Pallet Trucks Service Manual

The Toyota Pallet Truck Service Manual is designed with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Provide technical coverage for expected levels of user expertise
  2. Anticipate your needs and reduce your decisions regarding maintenance
  3. Reduce page flipping thru a "one-stop shopping" approach

Toyota Pallet Trucks. Electronic circuit boards and devices used on this truck can be damaged by the discharge of static electricity, called electrostatic discharge. Static charges can accumulate from normal operation of the truck as well as movement or contact between non-conductive materials (plastic bags, synthetic clothing, synthetic soles on shoes, styrofoam coffee cups, and so forth). Accumulated static can be discharged thru human skin to a circuit board or component by touching the parts. Static discharge is also possible thru the air when a charged object is put close to another surface at a different electrical potential. Static discharge can occur without you seeing or feeling it.

Whenever working on or near static-sensitive electronics, always use static discharge precautions.

  1. Put a static discharge wrist strap around your wrist. Connect the ground lead to the wrist strap connector.
  2. Connect the ground strap to an unpainted, grounded surface on the truck frame.
  3. If you are removing or installing static-sensitive components, put them on a correctly grounded static mat.
  4. To transport static-sensitive components, including failed components being returned, put the components in an anti-static bag or box (available from your Toyota dealer).

The wrist strap and associated accessories should be tested monthly to verify they are working correctly. The wrist strap contains a one megohm resistor in the strap cord that acts as a fuse for personal protection. If this resistor is open, the strap becomes ineffective.

Check the weight stamped on the battery in the pallet truck against the minimum and maximum allowable weights on the spec tag for the pallet truck. Report any pallet trucks that are running with batteries below the minimum or over the maximum allowable weight. Check for voltage leaks to frame. Reference shorts to frame section in maintenance manual. If cleaning does not remove voltage to frame, install a new battery. Inspect all battery connectors and leads for damage and cuts in protective coatings. Make sure the battery gates are in position and not damaged. Make sure the battery has no more than 0.5 inch (13 mm) free play in any direction.

Toyota Pallet Trucks 8HBW30, 8HBE30, 8HBE40, 8HBC30, 8HBC40, 8TB50 Service Manual

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