Tadano Gr-700EX Operators Maintenance Manual

Automatic gear lever
Pressing the accelerator pedal with the gearshift lever in “DRIVE” (drive) automatically shifts the transmission from first to third gear based on of the displacement speed. This is the normal travel mode.

Manual gear lever
Engage first gear to start moving the crane and then shift to second and then drive to increase speed. On slopes when climbing with gears manuals, choose the correct gear. When accelerating, press the accelerator pedal and then release it when the speed of drive reach your next speed range. Then put the following March. When decelerating, reduce speed to the lower range of speed and then shift into a lower gear.

Driving on a Slope.
When traveling on a slope, release the throttle and pull down on the parking brake. (Exhaust brake switch) to brake the engine. In case the speed is not reduced with the exhaust brake, pull down the exhaust brake lever to activate the engine brake even stronger. Before this, shift to a lower gear by depressing the brake pedal. Also use the brake pedal to slow down. For one more slowdown effectively, depress the brake pedal in a pumping fashion.

Parking lot
Parking the crane for long periods of time causes the portion of the tires in contact with the ground are flattened. This effect can produce vibrations until the tires return to their original shape during a continuous transfer. For park for a long period, extend the stabilizers and keep the tires out of contact with the ground.

Armrest adjustment.
Press the unlock button and move the armrest. The armrest can be lock in storage position behind or in one of four positions front (at intervals of 8 °).

Headrest Height Adjustment.
Raise the head restraint and adjust the height of the head restraint. The head restraint can be set in either position. To lower the head restraint, push down the head restraint while pressing the unlock button.

Power Steering Pump Warning Lamp.
This indicator is activated when the steering pump oil pressure is low, for example when the engine is not running. If this indicator is activated in the trip, the steering is controlled by the emergency steering pump. Park in one place immediately, stop the engine and contact a TADANO representative.

Suspension Lock Indicator Lamp.
This indicator lights up when the “PTO” switch is positioned to “ON” and also when the feather comes out in over the frontal area.

Integral Traction Driving Indicator Lamp.
This indicator comes on when you program the driving mode to all-wheel drive. by setting the drive mode selection switch to H/4D or L/4D.

Lock Indicator Lamp.
This lamp comes on when the torque converter lockup is activated. When going down a slope, the braking effect of the engine is increased if you travel with this Lock indicator lamp activated by making the correct gear changes from according to the slope of the road.

Tadano Gr-700EX Operators Manual

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