Tadano GT-550E-2 Operators Maintenance Manual

Tadano GT-550E-2 Operators Maintenance Manual
Tadano GT-550E-2 Operators Manual

This manual is intended as a guide to help you operate and maintain your BQ-TADANO crane safely and correctly.This manual covers cranes of the following specification number.

Servicing and Ordering Parts
When contacting the TADANO distributor or dealer for repairs or to order parts, please specify the following information:

  1. Specification number
  2. Production serial number
  3. Year of production

The directional terms (front, rear, right and left) used inthis manual are defined with reference to the driver's position when seated in the carrier driver's cab. Their definitions remain the same even when the crane's upper structure is turned. tadano cranes dealers,tadano crane dealer,tadano cranes.

This section provides the meaning of some important terms used in this manual.
Load Radius, Lifting Height "Load radius" refers to the horizontal distance between the crane's center of rotation and the vertical center of the lifted load.A "lifting height" is defined for each load radius and refers to the vertical distance between the ground and the bottom of the hook block raised to its uppermost po-sition.

Maximum Lifting Height
"Maximum lifting height" refers to the maximum lifting height allowed.

Boom Length, Boom Angle
"Boom length" refers to the distance from the pivot pin at the foot of the boom to the center axis of the sheave (s)at the boom head."Boom angle" refers to the angle formed by the boom's centerline and the horizontal.

Rated Lifting Capacity
"Rated Lifting capacity" refers to the maximum allowable load for a particular boom length and load radius. The mass of load handling devices such as hook blocks and slings, shall be considered part of the load and must be deducted from rated lifting capacities.The mass of individual hook blocks are indicated in the"INFORMATION AND DATA" section at the end of this manual.

Tadano GT-550E-2 Operators Manual
The telescoping mode I (the 2nd boom section extends first during boom extension) and the telescoping mode II (the 3rd through top boom sections extend first during boom extension) are available. When the boom length is any of the values listed in the load radius /lifting height chart and the rated lifting capacity table, the boom con-dition is among the one shown below.