Information on maintenance and spare parts planning for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Information on maintenance and spare parts planning for ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Information on maintenance and spare parts planning for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Planning information
To obtain satisfactory results, procedures specified in this publication must be accomplished with accepted methods in accordance with prevailing legal regulations. BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of work performed in accomplishing the requirements of this publication.


All versions of ROTAX engine types:
Engine type Serial number
2-stroke engines All
912 (Series with UL engines) All
914 (Series with UL engines) All
912 i (Series) All
915 i (Series) All

Concurrent ASB/SB/SI and SL
In addition to this Service Letter the following documents must be observed and complied with:

  • in general all relevant Alert Service Bulletins (ASB), Service Bulletins (SB), Service Instructions (SI), Service Letters (SL), Service Instruction - Parts and Accessories (SI-PAC) with relevance to perform this maintenance, repair or overhaul task.
  • SL-916 i-003 R1 / 915 i-003 R2 / 912 i-011 R2 / 912-022 R2 / 914-020 R2 / SL-2ST-014 R2 Information about storage and storage conditions of ROTAX® genuine spare parts for ROTAX® Aircraft Engines.
  • SL-912-020 / 912 i-009 / 914-018 / 2ST-012 Engine Registration via ROTAX® Aircraft Engines website.

We are here to keep you in the air and our extensive worldwide network makes sure that you have quick and easy access to reliable service, genuine parts, and responsive warranty support. In order to ensure the in-time availability of our products we kindly ask our customers to support us by registering their products and timely placement of engine and spare part orders. Alternatively make sure to arrange your service appointments with your ROTAX® service center in time (see section 3.2) to allow for their proper material disposition and preparation.

In addition to this technical information refer to current issue of

  1. in general Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)
  2. in general Operators Manual (OM)
  3. in general Maintenance Manual Line (MML) and in particular: Chapter 05-00-00
  4. in general Maintenance Manual Heavy (MMH)

Material Information
Use only genuine ROTAX® parts and accessories for the service and maintenance of ROTAX® aircraft engines. The use of non-approved parts in ROTAX® engines is not recommended and is strongly discouraged.

Engine registration
Registration of engines serves as an important tool for the ROTAX® network, assisting in the following ways:

  • Creates a better view of active fleet (Location & Size)
  • Provides a base for general spare part requirement and suitable service location
  • Selection of commercial or private operation provides a general indication for the yearly usage of the associated aircraft

General planning
Proper pre-planning for scheduled maintenance and overhaul times ensures availability and avoids down time.
In general, ROTAX® suggests ordering parts in advance:
3 months for larger inspections (600 hours and/or gearbox)
6 months for overhaul / engine replacement


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