Fuel filter for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Fuel filter for ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Fuel filter for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

The fuel filter is part of the fuel system on aircraft-side and not a part of the Engine Type Design. The fuel filter has been tested and released by BRP-Rotax, but it is not certified. The correct function in conjunction with the entire system and the certification of the fuel filter is the responsibility of the aircraft manufacturer. In the course of continuous development and standardization, a fuel filter (part no. 874060) has been introduced as an optional extra part.

In addition to this technical information refer to current issue of

  • Operators Manual (OM)
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)
  • Installation Manual (IM)
  • Maintenance Manual Line (MML)
  • Maintenance Manual Heavy (MMH)
Material requirement and credit per engine
Part no. Qty/engine Description Application
874060 1 Fuel filter Fuel system
Specifications of the fuel filter
weight: 0.18 kg (0.4 lb) differential pressure: 0.02 bar (0.29 PSI)
flow rate: 90 l/h (23.78 gal/h)  

Maintenance (Heavy) - related information
Regarding proper disassembly, assembly, cleaning etc. and further heavy maintenance tasks of the fuel filter see the aircraft manufacturers instruction for continued airworthiness. All the operating fluids and cleaning agents can damage the environment if not disposed of properly. Dispose of operating fluids in an eco-friendly manner!

In case of uninstalled engines test run can be skipped as this is covered by the mandatory test run after installation. Conduct test run and perform leakage check. See Chapter 12-20-00 of the latest
Maintenance Manual Line for the respective engine type.

NOTE: The illustrations in this document show the typical construction. They may not represent full detail or the exact shape of the parts which have the same or similar function. Exploded views are not technical drawings and are for reference only. For specific detail, refer to the current documents of the respective engine type.