Regulator connector brackets for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Regulator connector brackets for ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Regulator connector brackets for ROTAX Aircraft Engines

The regulator connector bracket assemblies are not a part of the Engine Type Design. The regulator connector bracket assemblies have been tested and released by BRP-Rotax, but they are not certified. The certification of the connector bracket assemblies is the responsibility of the aircraft manufacturer and must be carried out jointly with the aircraft.

Concurrent ASB/SB/SI and SL
In addition to this Service Instruction - PAC the following Service Instruction should be considered: SI-915 i-006, Introduction of a new connector for regulator B for ROTAX® Engine Type 912 i, 915 i A and 915 i B (Series)“, current issue. In the course of continuous development and standardization, regulator connector brackets have been introduced as an optional extra part. Connector bracket part no. 951983 is designed to retain DEUTSCH® connectors, while connector bracket part no. 951981 is designed to retain Amphenol® connectors.

Material requirement per engine
Part no. Description Application
951983 Connector bracket assy. DEUTSCH® Fuse Box
951981 Connector bracket assy. Amphenol® Fuse Box

The regulators’ female Deutsch® connector housing (Black for regulator A, part no. 864392, Gray for regulator B part no. 864395) already have a molded clip that attaches securely to the new regulator connector bracket assembly part no. 951983. Regulator B part no. 864397 is equipped with an Amphenol® connector housing which attaches to regulator bracket part no. 951981, see Fig. 3.

Points of inspection
Visual inspection of the wiring harness, connectors and brackets for secure fit, damage and signs of wear.

Chapter Reference
12-20-00 section Check of wiring

To install this optional extra part(s), the following steps need to be performed
Step Procedure
1 Remove lock nut M6 (1).
2 Remove washer 6.4 (Amphenol connector bracket only)
3 Install the new regulator connector bracket (Fig. 2, pos. 2 or Fig. 3, pos. 4) and position correctly.
4 Fasten regulator to the fuse box with lock nut M6 (Amphenol bracket: with washer) again. Wrench size: A/F 10. Tightening torque: 6 Nm (53 in. lb).
NOTE: Tighten the two lock nuts M6 alternately to ensure a smooth seat of rectifier regulator on the regulator plate.

The illustrations in this document show the typical construction. They may not represent full detail or the exact shape of the parts which have the same or similar function. Exploded views are not technical drawings and are for reference only. For specific detail, refer to the current documents of the respective engine type.