Operators Manual ROTAX Engine Type 912 i Series

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Technical documentation
These documents form the instructions ensuring continued airworthiness of ROTAX® aircraft engines. The information contained herein is based on data and experience that are considered applicable for authorized mechanics (iRMT, see Maintenance Manual Line) under normal conditions. Due to the fast technical progress and fulfillment of particular specifications of the customers it may occur that existing laws, safety prescriptions, constructional and operational regulations may not be sufficient or cannot be transferred completely to the object bought, in particular for special constructions.


  • Installation Manual
  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual (Line and Heavy Maintenance)
  • Overhaul Manual
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • Alert Service Bulletins
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Performance graph for non-standard conditions Engine 912 iSc/iS and 912 iS/iSc Sport
The following graph shows the performance drop with increasing flight altitude. The curves show the performance at 5800, 5500, 5000, 4800 and 4300 rpm, at full throttle. At deviation of temperature conditions from standard atmosphere conditions the engine performance to be expected can be calculated from the performance indicated, multiplied by standard temperature, divided by actual temperature in K.

Performance data 912 iSc/iS Sport
Engine speed over 5500 rpm is restricted to 5 minutes. Run the engine in accordance with the following table.

This chapter of the Operators Manual contains information about the general engine specification as well as a description of cooling system, fuel system, lubrication system, electric system and the propeller gearbox.

The system description refers only to the engine and not to a specific application in a particular aircraft. The aircraft manufacturer’s Operators Manual is therefore definitive in terms of the operation of the engine, as it contains all the aircraft specific instructions. The design shown in this chapter does not represent a specified execution but should support the understanding of the system.

Operators Manual for ROTAX Engine Type 912 i Series

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