Governor flange cover and installation ROTAX Aircraft Engines

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The governor flange cover ernor on by the aircraft OEM and so might not be a part of the Engine Type may be declared as part of the hydraulic govDesign. Such a PAC part has been then tested and released by BRP-Rotax, but it might not be certified for the relevant engine type. In such a case the correct function in conjunction with the entire system is the responsibility of the aircraft manufacturer and must be carried out jointly with the aircraft.

Governor flange cover and installation / use of governors for ROTAX® Aircraft Engines. In addition to this Service Instruction - PAC the following Service Bulletin must be observed and complied with: Service Bulletin-SB-912 i-001/SB-912-052/SB-914-035, title „Installation/Use of governors“, current issue. The governor flange cover is provided as a protective cover for transportation only for configuration 3 and is not a part of the Engine Type Design. The governor flange cover must be replaced by a functional governor or converted to configuration 2 before the engine is run. Replacement/Retrofitting under selection of different governors type and manufacturers.

All measures must be implemented and confirmed by at least one of the following persons or organizations:

  1. ROTAX® - Airworthiness representatives
  2. ROTAX® - Authorized Distributors or their independent Service Centers
  3. Persons approved by the respective Aviation Authority
  4. Persons with approved qualifications for the corresponding engine types. Only authorized persons (iRMT, Level Line Maintenance) are entitled to carry out this work.

Governors are not part of the engine. Governors specifically developed for this engine can be ordered. Furnishing proof according to the latest manufacturing specifications such as FAR and EASA shall be made by the aircraft or airframe manufacturer or the governor manufacturer.

Installation - related information
Governor flange

Governor drive
Internal toothing 20/40 SMS 1834 NA 14x1.27x30x12.

Reduction ratio
0.58 of the engine speed at gearbox with i= 2.27.
0.54 of the engine speed at gearbox with i= 2.43.
0.39 of the engine speed at gearbox with i= 2.54.

Chapter Reference
See relevant Maintenance Manual (Line) for the respective engine type and its periodical maintenance information. NOTE: Observe the governor and governor cable manufacturer’s installation instructions and specifications.

Points of inspection
Check for chafing or wear on the governor arm, governor cable, bushing halves and intake manifold connection point.

Governor flange cover and installation ROTAX Aircraft Engines

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