Peterbilt Glider Kit Interface Guide

Peterbilt Glider Kit Interface Guide
Glider Kit Interface Guide Manuals

Effective 04/08/2013 Peterbilt will be shipping Glider Kits built to the 2013 level electrical system. This document will provide information on the interface the cab is equipped to support.

Vehicle Engine Connection
The interface between the vehicle’s main cab harness (ref. part # P92-8904) and the engine harness is through the engine firewall connector located on the top edge of the driver side firewall.

Connector Information
The mating connector for the firewall connection is a Deutsch: HDP-26-24-47-E-L017. The firewall connector pin-out is:

The 2013 equipped cab no longer supports the J1587 interface (formally pins 2 and 3). The BCAN circuits (pins 28, 29 and 44) are not needed for non-2013 engines. The NAMUX Power (+5V) circuit has moved from pin 28 to pin 8. The misc. engine output #1 circuit has moved from pin 9 to 17. The misc. engine output #2 circuit has moved from pin 41 to 45. The service brake switch #1 circuit (formally pin 20) is now a multiplexed signal.

Multiplexed Signals
The following items are supported by multiplexing using the J1939 connection between the cab electrical controller (CECU) and the engine controller. Please make sure the engine parameters are set to receive multiplexed signals for the following:

  1. Engine Brake Controls
  2. Cruise Controls
  3. Engine Fan
  4. Service Brake Pedal Position

OAT Sensor
The outside air temperature (OAT) sensor is set to connect to the engine for 2013 where the engine reports back to the instrumentation as a multiplexed signal. Since older engines will not be able to support this functionality, if the outside air temp feature is to be enabled, it must be hard wired to the Cab Electrical Control Unit (CECU). The sensor is located in the driver side mirror head and the circuit is available at the firewall engine connector in pin 7.

The OAT signal has to connect from the outside air temperature sensor to the cab electronic control unit CECU (pin 16). Therefore, a means to connecting this circuit is to connect the OAT circuit from the sensor to pin 7 of the firewall connector mentioned above. That circuit would then have to be connected to pin 16 of the Main Cab harness CECU connector #3, located behind the dash (lower, center areal. See below for excerpt from main cab harness drawing indicating the connector pin location.


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