Peterbilt 389 Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual

Peterbilt 389 Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual
Peterbilt 389 Heavy Duty Body Builder

This section includes drawings and charts of the following Peterbilt Models: 389, 386, 384, 367 SFFA, 367 SBFA, 367 HH, 367 FEPTO, 365 SFFA, 365 SBFA, 365 FEPTO, 567 and 579. The Extended Rear Window, Extended Cab and Unibilt sleepers are also included. On the pages that follow, detail drawings show particular views of each vehicle; all dimensions are in inches (in). They illustrate important measurements critical to designing bodies of all types. See the “Contents” at the beginning of the manual to locate the drawing that you need.

The Peterbilt Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual was designed to provide body builders with a comprehensive information set to guide the body planning and installation process. Use this information when installing bodies or other associated equipment.

Peterbilt Service Manual. In this manual you will find appropriate dimensional information, guidelines for mounting bodies, modifying frames, electrical wiring configurations, as well as other information useful in the body installation process. The Peterbilt Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual can be very useful when specifying a vehicle, particularly when the body builder is involved in the vehicle selection and component ordering process. Information in this manual will help reduce overall costs through optimized integration of the body installation with vehicle selection.

As products continually evolve, Peterbilt reserves the right to change specifications or products at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he is working with the latest released information. If you require additional information or reference materials, please contact your local Peterbilt dealer.


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