Peterbilt 387 Operator's Manual prior to 12-06

Peterbilt 387 Operator's Manual prior to 12-06
Operator's Manual prior to 12-06 Peterbilt 387

This manual contains useful information for the safe and efficient operation of your Peterbilt Model 387 vehicle. It also provides information on maintaining your vehicle in the best condition, with an outline for performing safety checks and basic preventive maintenance inspections.

A Special Word about Repairs
Your Peterbilt dealer’s service center is the best place to have your vehicle repaired. You can find Peterbilt dealers all over the country with the equipment and trained personnel to get you back on the road quickly - and keep you there. Your vehicle is a complex machine. Anyone attempting repairs on it needs good mechanical training and the proper tools. If you are sure you have these requirements, then you can probably perform some repairs yourself. However, all warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized Peterbilt service facility.

Maintenance Manuals. If you do decide to do any complex repair work, you’ll need the Peterbilt Maintenance manuals. Order them from your authorized dealer. Please provide your Chassis Serial Number when you order, to be sure you get the correct manuals for your vehicle. Allow about four weeks for delivery. There will be a charge for these manuals.

Final Chassis Bill of Material. A complete, nonillustrated computer printout listing of the parts used to custom-build your Peterbilt vehicle is available through the Peterbilt dealer from whom your purchased your vehicle.

Additional Sources of Information
Operator’s manuals are also supplied by the manufacturers of components such as the engine, seats, transmission, and radio in your Peterbilt. If you are missing any of these manuals, ask your Peterbilt dealer to supply them.

Your Model 387’s glove box also contains a copy of the Truck Driver’s Handbook, published by the American Trucking Association. Refer to it for important information on driving your vehicle. Another place to learn more about trucking is a local truck driving school. Contact one near you to find out what kinds of instruction it offers. Federal and state agencies also have information you can ask for. The Interstate Commerce Commission can give you information about regulations governing transportation across state lines. And various agencies in state governments are sources for regulations that differ from state to state.