Peterbilt 367 Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual

Peterbilt 367 Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual
PDF Manual For Peterbilt 367 Heavy Duty Body Builder

On the pages that follow, detail drawings show particular views of each vehicle; all dimensions are in inches (in). They illustrate important measurements critical to designing bodies of all types. See the “Contents” at the beginning of the manual to locate the drawing that you need. This section includes drawings and charts of the following Peterbilt Models: 389, 386, 384, 367 SFFA, 367 SBFA, 367 HH, 367 FEPTO, 365 SFFA, 365 SBFA, 365 FEPTO, 567 and 579. The Extended Rear Window, Extended Cab and Unibilt sleepers are also included.

The overall cab height tables are provided as a tool as a tool to help layout bodies prior to arrival, no roof mounted equipment is included. The overall cab height (CH) can be estimated based on the following formula: CH = (A + B + C + D) / 2 + Y

This section has been designed to provide guidelines to aid in body mounting. This is not intended as a complete guide, rather as general information. Body mounting strategies are unique to each body type and body builder must determine the appropriate method. Please contact your local Peterbilt dealer if more information is desired.

Normal suspension movement could cause contact between the tires and the body. To prevent this, mount the body so that the minimum clearance between the top of the tire and the bottom of the body is 8 inches (203 mm). This should be measured with the body empty.


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