Peterbilt 359 Parts Catalog

Peterbilt 359 Parts Catalog
Peterbilt 359 Spare Parts Catalog

The powerful Peterbilt 359 Conventional Tractor is a custom tractor designed to handle the rigors of heavy duty hauling. Peterbilts are custom made trucks that are built to suit the specific hauling needs of each new owner. Throughout the Peterbilt 359, every effort is made to use lightweight alloys to lower vehicle weight which will permit the transportation of heavier payloads. These trucks use a strong ladder frame designed to withstand continual punishment.

The exclusive Peterbilt "Air-Trac" suspension provides a variable spring rate capability that produces a smoother ride. To transform your Peterbilt 359 into a rolling beauty, it is equipped with dual exhausts, dual air horns, a spacious walk-in sleeper, dual fuel tanks, sleeper mounted lights and alloy Reynolds wheels mounted on high mileage radial tires. With all these features the Peterbilt Conventional Tractor is truly "The King Of The Open Road."


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