Peterbilt 330 Operator's Manual

Peterbilt 330 Operator's Manual
Peterbilt 330 User Manual

This Operator’s Manual contains useful information for the safe and efficient operation of your Peterbilt Model 330, Medium–duty vehicle. It also provides information on maintaining your vehicle in the best condition, with an outline for performing safety checks and basic preventive maintenance inspections.

Your Model 330 may not have all the features or options men- tioned in this manual. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the instructions that pertain to just your vehicle. In addition, if your vehicle is equipped with special equipment or options not discussed in this manual, consult your dealer or the manufacturer of the equipment.

This is not a repair or workshop manual. Your Peterbilt Dealer’s Service Center is the best place to have your Model 330 repaired. You can find Peterbilt dealers all over the country with the equipment and trained personnel to quickly get you back on the road and to keep you there.

Your Model 330 is a complex machine. Anyone attempting repairs on it needs good mechanical training, proper specifications, and proper tools. If you are sure you meet these qualifications, then you can probably perform some repairs yourself. But if you are not an experienced mechanic, or do not have the right equipment or training, please leave the repairs to an authorized service facility. They are the ones equipped to do the job safely and correctly.

Shop Manuals
If you do decide to do complex repair work, you will need the Medium Duty Maintenance Manual. It contains service procedures, parts information, and supporting material on major components in your vehicle, such as Suspensions, Drive lines, Axles, and the Heater/Air Conditioner. Listed below are manuals available from your Peterbilt Dealer. (There is a charge for these manuals.) Please provide the Chassis Serial Number when ordering, to be sure you get the correct manuals for your vehicle.

Medium Duty Maintenance Manual. This manual includes detailed service procedures specifically compiled for the components on your vehicle, including: electrical information, maintenance, disassembly, assembly, repairs, overhaul, and troubleshooting procedures. The information contained in this manual is the same used by Peterbilt dealers.

Medium Duty Master Parts Catalog. Contains illustrated parts lists with drawings and exploded views for MODEL 330 series vehicles. Medium Duty Body Builders’ Manual. Contains general guidelines on mechanical and electrical modifications required by your dealer to add bodies, accessories, and special equipment to straight-truck configurations.

Preventive Maintenance Section
The Preventive Maintenance section (pages 117 – 230) in this manual contains general service information for the operator, such as: lubrication points, making adjustments, and other helpful service information. This is summary information only, used for general maintenance of major components installed on your Model 330. For detailed service information see your Medium Duty Maintenance Manual.


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