Peterbilt 320 Operator's Manual

Peterbilt 320 Operator's Manual
Peterbilt 320 User Manual

This manual contains useful information for the safe and efficient operation of your Peterbilt Model 320. It also provides information on maintaining your vehicle in the best condition, with an outline for performing safety checks and basic preventive maintenance inspections.

We have tried to present the information you’ll need to learn about your vehicle’s functions, controls, and operation - and to present it as clearly as possible. We hope you’ll find this manual easy to use.

There will be times when you need to take this manual out of your Peterbilt. When you do, please be sure to return it to the cab when you are finished using it. That way it will be there when you need it the next time or when you pass the vehicle on to the next user.

Your Model 320 may not have all the features or options mentioned in this manual. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the instructions that pertain to just your vehicle. In addition, if your vehicle is equipped with special equipment or options not discussed in this manual, consult your dealer or the manufacturer of the equipment.

All information contained in this manual is based on the latest production information available at the time of publication. Peterbilt Motors Company reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

Please remember, this manual is not a training manual. It cannot tell you everything you need to know about driving your Peterbilt vehicle. For that you need a good training program or truck driving school. If you have not been trained, get the proper training before you drive. Only qualified drivers should drive this vehicle.

Every new Peterbilt vehicle is designed to conform to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards applicable at the time of manufacture. However, even with these safety features, continued safe and reliable operation depends greatly upon regular vehicle maintenance. The vehicle must be operated within the range of its mechanical capabilities and the limits of its load ratings. See the axle and tire load rating information located on the driver’s door jamb.

There are several tools built into this manual to help you find what you need quickly and easily. First is the Quick Table of Contents. Located at the front of the
manual, this lists the main subjects covered and gives page numbers where you can find these subjects. Use the Quick Table of Contents to find information on a large subject like "Maintenance."

Your Peterbilt dealer’s service center is the best place to have your vehicle repaired. You can find Peterbilt dealers all over the country with the equipment and trained personnel to get you back on the road quickly - and keep you there.

Your vehicle is a complex machine. Anyone attempting repairs on it needs good mechanical training and the proper tools. If you are sure you have these requirements, then you can probably perform some repairs yourself. However, all warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized Peterbilt service facility. If you aren’t an experienced mechanic, or don’t have the right equipment, please leave all repairs to an authorized service facility. They are the ones equipped to do the job safely and correctly.


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