Peterbilt 270 Operator's Manual

Peterbilt 270 Operation Manual
This handbook contains information for you, the driver, to enable you to operate the vehicle as efficiently and safely as possible and generally to make your driving easier and more satisfying. Besides subjects such as operating instructions, attention also focuses on maintenance and minor repairs which you may be able to carry out yourself.

The vehicles covered by this handbook consist of various types and models. Individual vehicles are constructed in accordance with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and in accordance with the expected operating conditions. Certain descriptions or illustrations in this handbook may therefore not corre-spond entirely to the situation on your own vehicle. However, this has no influence on its operation or maintenance.

Peterbilt 270 Operator's Manual
Many liquids and other substances used in commercial vehicles are highly toxic. These must not be consumed or inhaled and, as far as possible, must be kept from skin contact. These substances, amongst others, include battery acid, anti-freeze, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, fuel, windshield washer fluid, refrigerant, and various adhesives.

Peterbilt 270 Owner's Manual
The load must always be properly secured so that it cannot move while the vehicle is in motion, even during an emergency stop. Side walls, partitions, headboards, etc., are not designed to withstand high forces. Loads must not project more than is permitted by local or national regulations. The stability of the vehicle may be impaired by the load and an increased turning circle may be required.

Peterbilt 270 Chassis Frame
Do not weld or subject the chassis frame to a severe localized heat source. Failure to observe this precaution may result in irreparable damage to the material structure of the chassis frame with consequent loss in chassis frame strength. Welding or drilling on the chassis frame must not be undertaken without the prior written consent of PACCAR Inc.

Peterbilt 270 User Manual

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