Peterbilt 210 Operator's Manual

This handbook contains the information which you, the driver, will need for optimum efficiency, safety and comfort when operating this vehicle. Besides giving instructions about operation and use, it also pays attention to maintenance and minor repairs which you may be able to carry out yourself.

The switches only work when the ignition is switched on. The driver's and co-driver's windows can be opened and closed with the switches in the driver's door. The switch in the co-driver's door can only open and close the codriver's window.

Peterbilt 210 HEATED MIRRORS
With the switch for mirror/windscreen heating , the exterior mirrors (excluding curb mirror) and the windscreen heating, if fitted, can be heated. When you press the switch again, the mirror heating is switched off the windshield heating remains active for about 12 minutes. If you press the switch again within 12 minutes, the windscreen heating is switched off and the mirror heating is switched on again. Operate the switch once more to switch everything off.

The electric mirrors can be adjusted by means of the switch in the driver's door. Select the right or left mirror by turning the button either to the right or left position. Move the switch forwards, backwards, left or right, to adjust the mirror.

The durability, safety, trade-in value and reliability of your vehicle largely depend on the care you give it. This includes regular service in accordance with the maintenance schedules specified.

The driving style of the person at the wheel and the care given to the vehicle will have a direct influence on the condition of the vehicle. The driver can often provide the dealer with information which is very important for correct maintenance. Prior to the service intervals and the related activities, contact your authorized Service dealer.

In order to keep this quality as high as possible, during vehicle use, regular maintenance should be carried out on the cab surfaces. To prevent the formation of rust in box sections and other cavities, the cab is protected with corrosion-inhibiting products (ML) in production.

How To Order Parts for Peterbilt 210
When you need replacement parts for your Kenworth / Peterbilt vehicles, contact your nearest authorized Kenworth / Peterbilt dealer, who may be located from the "Kenworth / Peterbilt Authorized U.S. and Canadian Dealers" listing (Cat. No. 5212).

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