Peterbilt 210-220 Operator's Manual

Peterbilt 210-220 Original components. In order to meet the warranty conditions and guarantee the service life, safety and reliability, the use of non original components, sensors and engine management units/software is not permitted. The application of engine management software that has not been approved will adversely affect critical systems in terms of the safety of the vehicle, the braking system for instance.

Vehicles equipped with an airbag and seat belt tensioner system can be identified by a sticker with the airbag symbol on the windscreen and the word "AIRBAG" on the airbag unit on the steering wheel. A vehicle equipped with an airbag also has an automatic seat belt tensioner.

Peterbilt 210-220 SELF-DIAGNOSIS
The electronic anti-theft system has an extensive self-diagnostic function. Following activation, all detection circuits (for the interior, grille, cab tilting mechanism and doors) are automatically tested.

If a fault is found in one or more of these detection circuits, the affected circuit(s) is (are) switched off. This is made noticeable by a short signal from the siren immediately after activation of the alarm system. If this signal is heard, first of all check whether the windows and/or doors are closed properly.

Turn the alarm system off, close everything carefully and switch on the alarm system again. If the short signal is heard once again, this means that the system is (partially) defective. You should then have the system looked at by your authorized Service dealer.

If you need to access the loadspace of the superstructure/trailer while retaining the remaining detection options, the system can only be activated if the loadspace detection is switched off. This avoids unnecessary sounding of the alarm.

If you lose a hand-held transmitter, you must replace it as soon as possible. When replacing it, the lost transmitter can be rendered unusable by erasing the code from the central door locking memory. Without hand-held transmitters, the alarm system can only be switched off by turning on the ignition.

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