Ohlins TES MU00S1 front Mounting Instructions

Ohlins TES MU00S1 front Mounting Instructions Shock Absorber Kit for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y. Please note that there can be small differences between your product and the images in these instructions. Before you install this product, check the kit contents. If anything is missing, please contact an Öhlins dealer. Before you install this product, read the Öhlins Owner’s manual. This product is an important part of the vehicle and the vehicle stability.

Only for Tesla Model 3
Drill a 9 mm hole in the front trunk plasticabove the shock absorber top mount for the wire adjuster according to fig 2. Tighten the adjustment wheel (12) with the adjustment wheel screw (13).

Only for Tesla Model Y
To be able to reach the adjuster when adjusting the front shock absorbers with the adjustment knob, the front trunk plastic needs to be removed along with the windshield washer reservoir tube on the left side. Make sure that all removed parts arereinstalled in the same way as they werebefore the installation of the Öhlins shock absorber.

The actual vehicle height
With the preload and height adjuster in their recommended position, the vehicle is lowered approximately -20 mm when compared to the original suspension. Depending on car model and equipment, the height may vary. Adjust the height adjuster until you have reached your desired ride height. The recommended adjustment range on the height adjuster is 230-260 mm.

Öhlins products are subject to continuous improvement and development, therefore, although these instructions include the most up-to-date information available at the time of printing, minor updates may occur.

Mount the lock nut (7), spring platform (8)plastic spacer (9) on the spring preloadadjuster (6) according to fig 2. Adjust thespring platform on the spring preload adjuster according to fig 3. Tighten the lock ringwith the c-spanners. Install the spring preload adjuster assembly(6), the spring (10), the elastic spacer (11),the upper spring seat (12) on the lower control arm. On Tesla Model Y, use the OE rubber spring seat between the body and upper spring seat (12) according to fig 2. Do not use the OE upper spring seat on Tesla Model 3.

Mount the dust boot (3) with the zip-ties (4) on the Öhlins shock absorber (1) according to fig 1 and install the OE top mount with the flange lock nut M10 (5) Tighten the nut to 35Nm. Install the Öhlins shock absorbers on the vehicle and tighten the top mount bolts and lower bolt to OE spec.

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