Öhlins Shock Absorber for MC Road and Track

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Öhlins Shock Absorber for MC Road and Track Owner's Manual. Many of Öhlins suspensions are high pressure mono tube type shock absorbers. The fluid is put under gas pressure and the gas and the fluid are kept apart by a separating piston. The pis-ton is usually fitted in an external reservoir, con-nected by a hose (Fig.4) or fixed directly on top of the shock absorber (Fig3). In some mod-els everything is fitted inside the main shock absorber (Fig2).

A few shock absorbers are of emulsion type,oil and gas mixed inside the shock absorb-er (Fig1). The fluid is pressurized by nitrogen.The pressurisation prevents cavitation of the fluid and the shock absorbing action is there-fore more even. The external reservoir also contributes to better cooling of the fluid, giv-ing longer service life for the fluid as well as the components.

Öhlins shock absorbers with external rebound adjustment have an integrated temperature compensation. As the temperature increases and the fluid flows more easily the flow is controlled accord-ingly. The shock absorbing effect is therefore independent of the temperature. The more advanced models permit individ-ual adjustment of compression and rebound damping. Öhlins shock absorbers provide the possibility of adjustment, making them adaptable to most vehicles, drivers and ranges of use. All of the shock absorbers with springs have adjustable preload of the spring action.

Fluid is forced through needle valves at a low rate of flow (Fig 6) and through a number of ori-fices in the piston (Fig 7) at a high rate of flow.The flow through these orifices is regulated by shims (thin steel washers) that at high pressure are deflected to open for the fluid. On most mod-els the needle valve can be adjusted from the outside. By altering the size of the shim-stack (Fig 8)(i.e. number, thickness, diameter) the charac-teristics of the damping action can be changed.This should only be done by an authorized Öhlins service workshop.

Stability and Traction
All motorcycles are designed with a suspension geometry that includes height and fork angle.Changing components can affect this and it is therefore essential that both the front and the rear ends match each other. Changing to Öhlins suspension gives optimum performance only when both the front fork and the rear suspension interact properly. It is very important that the front and the rear loaded heights are within the specified values.

Front Fork Springs
To optimize the stability and traction of your motorcycle the front fork must match the rear suspension. Öhlins Racing has a variety of front fork springs available for a large number of motorcycle models. The springs in combination with the Öhlins shock absorbers contribute to superior stability and traction. See the Öhlins Recommendation List, contact an Öhlins dealer.

Öhlins Shock Absorber for MC Road & Track Manual

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