Öhlins Cartridge Kit for MX STX 22

Öhlins Cartridge Kit for MX STX 22. Öhlins Racing AB - The Story It was the 1970’s, a young man named Kenth Öhlin spent most of his spare time pursuing his favourite sport: motocross. Being a careful observer, Kenth’s attention was continously drawn to one specific detail -motocross bikes had more engine power than their suspension could handle. It was not long before Kenth realised that better performance could be achieved by improved wheel suspension. Öhlins Racing was established in 1976, and just two years later the company won its first World Championship title. Despite being in the business sinced 1976, the search for perfection and new functions is still the main focus of the company.

Öhlins Cartridge Kit for MX STX 22 Owner's Manual
Congratulations! You are now the owner of an Öhlins product. Houndreds of World Championships and other major world titles are definitive proof that Öhlins suspension offer outstanding performance and reliability. Every product has gone through rigorous testing and engineers have spent thousandsof hours, doing their very best to use every possible experience from our long time within the racing sport. The product that you now have in your possession is pure racing breed that is built to withstand. By installing this product on your vehicleyou have made a clear statement… you area serious rider with a focus on getting the maximal handling ability and outstanding feedback from your vehicle. Along comes the fact that your Öhlins product will be a long lasting friend, delivering the very best of comfort and performance every time you go for a ride.Go explore!

When the cartridge kit is brand new, the friction in different components can be perceived as high. The friction level will drop noticeably when the front fork has experienceda number of heat cycles due to riding. This new levelof friction is to be considered optimal for the front fork performance. Do not be alarmed if, when brand new, the front fork is perceived to move slowly if you push the front of the bike.

Öhlins Cartridge Kit
Congratulations on your excellent choice of purchasing this high performance Öhlins front fork cartridge kit. This product is designed for the upcoming,next generation of stars and has been developed by Öhlins’ off-road racing department in Sweden, with their experience from the world stars of today. We recommend you to read this manual thouroughly for proper bike set up to getthe best possible performance out of your suspension components.

Fork springs may differ in length. Thus we recommend to measure the preload on eachfork leg and install the required preload washers to get the correct measure. Preload less than 0 mm will make the fork springs loose when the front wheel is off the ground, which can increase the risk of wearinside the fork. For recommended preload refer to the setup data in the Mounting Instructions or contact an Authorized Öhlins Service Center for advice. To adjust the preload you add or remove preload spacers below the spring.

Harsh fork
Try to decrease fluid volume in steps of 10 ml to gain comfort until harshness no longer occurs or bottoming resistance gets too low. Additionally, less fluid volume will let the fork dive longer into the stroke during braking before additional damping effect stiffens up the stroke,see position C in the figure below. Very fast riders may appreciate the additional damping from a higher fluid volume on all parts of the track, as this keeps the fork runninghigher in the stroke, withstanding their additional forces due to their higher velocities. For recommended fluid and fluid volume refer to the setup data in the Mounting Instructions or contact an Authorized Öhlins Service Center for advice.

Öhlins Cartridge Kit for MX STX 22 Owner's Manuals

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