Ohlins JEV MV10 Mounting Instructions

Ohlins JEV MV10 Mounting Instructions
Ohlin JEV MV10 Instructions Manual

Ohlin JEV MV10 Mounting Instructions Shock absorber Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK, for 2-3” lift, These shocks are designed to be used with 2-3” lift springs and 2” bump stop spacers. It is important that you use the recommended bump stop spacers. If you use less, you will bottom out the shock. If you use more, you will not be able to use the PDS function.

Installation upper shock bracket
Install the upper shock bracket and tighten the two M12x25mm bolts keeping the bracket in position. Use a punch and mark the center of the lower 3rd hole. Remove the bracket and drill a 12 mm (1/2”) hole in the shock tower.Coat the new drilled hole to prevent corrosion and install the bracket with:3 x M12x25 bolts.3 x 12mm washers. 3 x M12 lock nuts. Seefig 1. Install the shock with a M12x70mm bolt, a 12mm washer and a lock nut at the upper bracket. Make sure the hose outlet is facing out towards the wheel. See fig 2. Position the shock end eye so the Rebound adjuster is facing away from the axle. Install the OEM bolt at the lower bracket and tighten the nut. See Fig 3.

Reservoir installation
Install the reservoir brackets (plastic) to thereservoir bracket using the 4x M5x16mmscrews and 4x M5 nuts. See fig 4. Insert the reservoir into the clamp bracketswith the compression adjuster knob facingoutwards. See fig 4. When you have fitted the reservoir to the reservoir bracket - Install the assembly to the frameby using the 2x M12x95mm bolts, two 12mm washers and 2x M12 flange nuts through the holes in the reservoir bracket and through the frame. On the driver side, remove the two steering box bolts- install the resevoir bracket - and install the bolts again. Tighten them to OE torque.

You need to modify the inner fenders to make space for the reservoir. Make sure there are no sharp edges that may interfere with the hose or the shock absorber. Make sure the wheel does not hit the reservoir at full lock and fully flexed.

Depending on what spring brand you are using and how much weight you have addedin terms of accessories (i.e steel bumper,winch) you might need to compensate with a spring spacer. At ride height, we recommenda minimum visible shaft length of 100 mm (approx 4”

Spacer installation
Install the shock to to the upper position using the 2 OE bolts tightning them to OE torque.Make sure the hose outlet is positioned towards the rear. See fig 1. Install the lower end eye using the OE bolt.Make sure the Rebound adjuster is pointing towards the rear. Tighten to OE torque. Install the reservoir to the shock body with the supplied reservoir brackets and M6x30 screw.Make sure the edge with a thin groove is positioned to the shock body. See Fig 2. Adjust the reservoir position on the shockbody so the compression adjuster is pointing towards the rear for easy access and the hose does not touch the sway bar, exhaust or any moving parts. See fig 3.


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