Mercedes-Benz Unimog SMALL EMPLACEMENT EXCAVATOR - operator's manual

This manual provides transportability guidance for logistical handling and movement of the small emplacement excavator (SEE), high mobility entrencher (HME), and high mobility material handler (HMMH). It contains information considered appropriate for safe transport of the SEE and its variants.

The information includes significant technical and physical characteristics, as well as safety considerations, required for worldwide movement by the various transport modes. Where considered necessary, metric equivalents appear in parentheses following the dimensions or other measurements. This manual is for transportation officers and other personnel responsible for moving the SEE, HME, and HMMH, or for providing transport services.

Users of this manual are encouraged to submit comments and to recommend changes for its improvement. Comments and recommendations should be prepared on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to DA Publications and Blank Forms) and forwarded to Commander, Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency, ATTN: MTTE-TRS, PO Box 6276, Newport News, VA 23606–0276. Electrically transmitted messages should be addressed MTMCTEA FT EUSTIS VA//MTTE-TRS//.

The SEE, HME, and HMMH are commercial items of construction equipment. The tractor portion of the equipment is a light truck chassis equipped with a diesel engine, multispeed range transmission, and offroad flotation tires. The tractor has a 45-mile-per-hour (72-km/h) highway convoy speed as well as a full drive rough-terrain capability.


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