Mercedes Benz Unimog PDF Service Manuals

Before you first drive off, read these Operating Instructions carefully and familiarise yourself with your vehicle. Please adhere to the information and warning notes in these Operating Instructions for your own safety and to ensure a longer operating duration of the vehicle. Failure to observe the instructions may lead to damage to the vehicle or personal injury.
The equipment or model designation of your vehicle may differ according to:

  • model
  • order
  • country specification
  • availability

The illustrations in this manual show a left hand drive vehicle. The location of vehicle parts and controls for right-hand drive vehicles differ accordingly. Mercedes-Benz is constantly updating its vehicles to the state of the art.

Mercedes-Benz therefore reserves the right to introduce changes in:

  • design
  • equipment
  • technical features

Therefore, the descriptions provided may occasionally differ from your own vehicle. The following are components of the vehicle:

  • Operating Instructions
  • Maintenance or Service Booklet
  • Equipment-dependent supplements

Always keep these documents in the vehicle.If you sell the vehicle, always pass the documents on to the new owner.

Follow the instructions in this manual about the proper operation of your vehicle as well as about possible vehicle damage. Damage to your vehicle that arises from culpable contraventions against these instructions are not covered either by Mercedes-Benz implied warranty or by the New or Used-Vehicle Warranty.

These Operating Instructions describe all the models and standard and optional equipment of your vehicle that were available at the time of going to print. Country-specific deviations are possible. Bear in mind that your vehicle may not be equipped with all the functions described. This also applies to safety-relevant systems and functions. The equipment in your vehicle may therefore differ from that shown in the descriptions and illustrations. All systems found in your vehicle are listed in your vehicle's original purchase agreement. Contact a Mercedes-Benz Service Centre if you have any questions about equipment or operation.

Unimog PDF Service Manuals

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