Mercedes-Benz Unimog Series 405 Service Manual

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Series 405 Service Manual
This Introduction into Service Manual presents the new Unimog generation of model series 405. This brochure is intended for the use of technical personnel familiar with service and maintenance. It is assumed here that the reader is already familiar with the Mercedes-Benz model series currently on the market. In terms of the contents, the emphasis in this Introduction into Service Manual is on presenting new and modified components and systems.

All of the data in this brochure correspond to the technical status as of the copy deadline in March 2013 and may therefore differ from the current production configuration. We will publish modifications and new features in the relevant WIS documents only. Individual details in this brochure may therefore differ from more up-to-date versions published in WIS.

The product features of the new BlueTec 6 Unimog implement carrier with Euro VI emissions level have been completely revised for its market launch. The advantages of this compact and highly maneuverable implement carrier have been further improved. The vehicle concept has been weight optimized in order to compensate for the additional weight of the Euro VI components.

The exhaust aftertreatment system with BlueTec 6 is based on the combination of a closed particulate filter and the Mercedes-Benz SCR system including AdBlue® injection, which has been used successfully for many years. This innovation allows nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions to be reduced by 90 %. The term "BlueEfficiency Power" not only encompasses the environmentally friendly and cost-efficient nature of the vehicle, but also the improved power ratings of the new engine generation.This technological leap in the area of performance, user-friendliness, traction drive, ergonomics and safety further underlines the unique selling proposition of the new Unimog implement carrier compared to trucks and tractors.

The new hydrostatic drive is revolutionary. It is an intelligent concept which integrates the hydrostatic drive with the manual transmission in a practical manner. The new model codes point to a completely revised product range with the introduction of the "New Unimog Generation" including new engine technology and allow for differentiation from the old/existing model series.

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